Google Toolbar’s new tab feature on Firefox too slow/freeze problem due to a conflict

After I installed Google’s toolbar 5.0 and I tried the chrome’s new tab feature on Firefox 3.0 , I encountered a problem. When I open a new tab, it loads fine, though Firefox freezes for couple of seconds afterward. After investigating what’s happening, I noticed that Alexa Sparky plugin is trying to get the statistics for the page, and as a result Firefox freezes.

I looked at the javascripts of Alexa Firefox plugin, I found that the problem is that Alexa trying to get the host of Google-toolbar, since there is no such host, it takes extra seconds to realize that which leads to freezing.

Probably Alexa would fix this Alexa-Google toolbar conflict soon when they realize it, while then I did the following solution:



1-On your computer browse to:
C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR CURRENT COMPUTER USERNAME\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\SOME CODE.default\extensions\\content

2-Find the file overlay.js , backup the file just in case.

3-Edit the original file with notepad or any ASCII non-BOM editor. (If you are newbie and not sure about that, use notepad)

4-Find the following lines:

isIntranet: function(host) { try

Before “try” and AFTER {

adds the following line:

if (host==”google-toolbar”){ return true;}

So after you did that, it should look like this:

isIntranet: function(host) { if (host==”google-toolbar”){ return true;} try

5-Now save the changes, and exit Firefox, then open it again .

6-The problem should be solved now, enjoy the new tabs without hassles.

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