Firefox Plugin To Turn Off Google Fade In Effects!

Are you tired of Google new homepage that has to fade in each time you visit upon mouse move? I’m surely very tired of it. Each time I visit Google homepage, it takes some time to show me the usual links such as images, videos, and advanced search. I either have to guess the place, or wait for the fade in to come. It is totally unnecessary and not needed.

As a result, I made simple firefox extension that should make the text automatically displayed and turn off this feature. Well, this serves first as convenience for me and for anyone who hates the fade in Google, and second to tell Google how unnecessary it is.

Unfortunately, this is only for Firefox, you can try other alternatives for other browsers, maybe the link on the right would help (;

Here is the plugin link: No Fade In Google Addon

If there is any issue, please use the contact link, you can find it at the bottom of this site. it works for me so far well. I’m using Firefox 3.5

Google blog about the new homepage: Official Google Blog: Now you see it, now you don’t